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Neutrient D3K2 Spray

Neutrient D3K2 Spray


The new Neutrient Total D3+K2 bottle provides 150 sprays, which is almost a 5 month supply! This unique vegan oral spray contains highly absorbable forms of the all important vitamins D3 and K2 which posses their own unique benefits, but together, make a strong team for promoting a healthy lifestyle. As Vitamin D plays a very important role in defending our immune system, a deficiency of Vitamin D could result in being susceptible to viruses or infections, which would be  detrimental to our health.


  • A single spray a day delivers 2000IU Vitamin D3 and 75mcg vitamin K2.
  • Maximum absorption in the form of a handy vegan oral spray which provides bioactive forms.
  • Provides Vitamin D3, the most bioactive form of Vitamin D1.
  • A fast and convenient way to increase your vitamin D and K consumption.
  • Vitamin D3 is more effective at raising blood levels of Vitamin D than Vitamin D2.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2 contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
  • Vitamin K2 contributes to normal blood clotting, an important process for wound healing.
  • Excellent substitute for those with difficulty swallowing pills and capsules.
  • Ideal for those with malabsorption conditions such as IBS or Crohn’s disease.


Vitamins D and K contribute to:

  • The maintenance of normal bones


Vitamin D contributes to: 

  • Normal immune function
  • Teeth
  • Blood calcium levels
  • Muscle function


Vitamin K supports: 

  • Normal blood clotting
  • Only take between meals away from food and be sure to shake well before spraying into your mouth onto the insides of your cheeks. Adults should only spray once daily.


    Do not exceed recommended dose.

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