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Wellbeing Workshops

Our Wellbeing Workshops are experiential, interactive, gently physical

and suitable for all ages. They can be adapted for people with

chronic health concerns and mobility issues, and delivered to any size group

in virtually any setting including online virtual events.


The workshops impart a range of practical skills which can be easily incorporated into day-to-day life in the workplace and at home with family and friends, improving your wellbeing at work and at home. The content is tailored to each group's needs and specifications, incorporating relaxation exercises, body awareness, breathwork, visualisation, posture, ergonomics, gentle stretching and movement, laughter yoga and meditation techniques. The meditation techniques come from a broad range of practices

from around the world and are non-denominational.

These dynamic workshops will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, energised and alert. You will get to move your body, oxygenate your blood and calm your mind. The workshops are especially useful for your workplace wellbeing in offices and as a break or reward at team building events, sales meetings, corporate retreats, conference break outs, training sessions and more. Each workshop can be adapted to any size group for a period of 20 minutes up to an hour at a time. They can be run as a one-off session, or ongoing depending on your needs.

Contact us to discuss ideas for your perfect private bespoke workshop.

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