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Do Yoga at Your Desk

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The Benefits 

Sitting for long hours leads to poor posture, stiffness and discomfort. Our Chair and Desk Yoga Workshops relax areas of the body prone to tension, such as the neck, shoulders, back and hips. Special focus can be also given to expert techniques that reduce the risk of RSI in wrists and fingers from prolonged keyboard and phone use, plus relieving eye strain and headaches from all the time spent staring at screens. 


Enjoying Chair and Desk Yoga in the workplace quickly reduces stress, boosts productivity and energy levels, enhances physical health, reduces absenteeism, creates team cohesion and promotes a sustainable, balanced work-life culture. 

​​How This Works

Our expert instructors guide you through simple yet effective yoga stretches that can be done sitting right at the desk in ordinary office chairs and normal clothes, ensuring you and your team stay energised and centred throughout the day. Everything is adapted to participant's needs including adjustments for people with reduced mobility and for pregnant women. All our workshops are accessible for absolutely everyone and can be enjoyed both seated or standing, with a desk and without.


We cover topics such as gentle stretching, low impact core strengthening techniques, breathwork and mindfulness. Session content, length and frequency are adjusted to your requirements.

Empowering participants with the tools for better posture, we reduce their discomfort. This lifts the mood of both individuals and teams, increasing focus and productivity overall.

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Contact Us With Your Enquiry 

We would love to help you put together a bespoke programme that meets your wellbeing objectives and event needs.

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