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Double Benefits

Acorn to Oak and Happy Healthy Holistic jointly specialise in Business Coaching,

Neurodiversity Coaching, Coaching for Carers

and Holistic Life Coaching.

Given the nature of our team’s expertise,

some clients speak with us about more than one area of their life. This suits our holistic approach. We work with you to address limiting beliefs that can make it harder for you to

achieve your goals. We help you to devise solutions and move forward with confidence.

Helping you to achieve the goals you set for yourself in all areas of your life,

the team at Happy Healthy Holistic work in collaboration with Acorn to Oak Education.

How we work

We work with you by agreeing a time period for our work together that suits your budget and goals. We suggest a one hour initial appointment and follow up appointments of 45 minutes by phone or video call.

You can book your initial appointment with us


by email here

or directly with Acorn to Oak Education.

  • Business Coaching

    We support you to achieve success starting or growing your businesses as well as to develop your professional career, whether in a large or small corporate or public sector organisation. Our team expertise includes Company Directors, Entrepreneurs, Senior Management and Freelance Creatives.

  • Neurodiversity Coaching

    Our team has expertise in supporting children and adults with neurodiverse profiles such as ADHD and ADD, autism and other learning profiles such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. We help you identify strategies that work for you or your child based upon your profile and strengths.

  • Coaching For Carers

    We recognise the pressures that Carers are under and work with you to develop strategies that optimise your own wellbeing. We also connect you to sources of support in the community for those you care for and for yourself.

  • Holistic Life Coaching

    We empower our clients to achieve balance and wellbeing in their lives. We are experienced in coaching individuals with anxiety, toxic stress, and those who are unhappy with the direction of their life, wish to improve the quality of their key relationships and wish to make changes in their personal or business life.

"We laughed to near exhaustion! The session was such a success that my colleagues who run Cafes in neighbouring boroughs were wondering whether Amy would be able to visit them."
Mrs Chia, Dementia Cafe Co-ordinator
"I have been harnessing these newly acquired insights, and looking at my plans with more clarity."

1-1 Coaching Client

1-1 Coaching Client
"I liked the variety of instruction to different strategies to try out. Lots of really practical examples of things I can try."

Mr F Acquith
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