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Neutrient Neu Biotic 20 Live Strains - 20 CFU (60 Capsules)

Neutrient Neu Biotic 20 Live Strains - 20 CFU (60 Capsules)


Neutrient Neu Biotic is a high strength blend of 20 probiotic strains to help replenish friendly bacteria and support a diverse microbiome in your gut. The digestive tract is a home to about 100 trillion microbes of different species. 


A balanced gut microbiome requires diversity and the balance of good and bad bacteria, which results in digestive wellbeing. Imbalances in the gut microbiome may be caused by low-fibre diets, alcohol, sugar, certain medications (antibiotics), digestive health conditions and stress.




Supplementing with a blend of 20 microbial strains at a high dose of 20 billion CFU per capsule provides more variety and opportunity for balancing and creating a diverse microbiome. Single-strain, low-dose probiotics may not be able to repopulate the microbiome successfully.




Acidic environment of the stomach easily destroys the good bacteria, but with Neu Biotic the beneficial bacteria are shielded by an enterically coated capsule. The coated capsule is acid-resistant and spreads living bacteria into the colon, where they naturally reside.

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  • Children from age 12 and adults take one capsule daily, with food or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

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