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Results RNA Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Spray 60ML

Results RNA Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Spray 60ML


ACS 200 is the most effective colloidal silver on the market.


This naturally occurring element has roots in history and has been used for its soothing antibacterial properties for thousands of years. 


Not all silver products are created equal however; research shows us that colloidal silver which has microscopic nanoparticles can reach cells on a deeper level to work as a powerful dermal cosmetic compared to bigger particles.


This Colloidal Silver is for topical use and helps sooth, moisturize and protect the skins barrier. 


Key Benefits of ACS 200 Silver Spray Extra Strength


  • 99.99% pure silver colloid solution in a compact spray bottle
  • Contains 200 parts per million silver nanoparticles meaning a little goes a long way
  • You get long lasting impact due to extensive distribution and range of particle sizes so silver ions keep working
  • 10-20ppm more powerful than other silvers on the market
  • Unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
  • Portable size perfect for first aid kits and on-the-go travel bags
  • A stable silver with no sell-by date
  • Backed by 19 patents and robust testing processes
  • For external use and water sanitisation purposes. 

    ACS 200 can be sprayed on to any surface and into the air. 

    ACS 200 contains 200ppm of elemental silver. 

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