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Onsite Chair Massage


Focusing on the upper back, neck and shoulders, just one short treatment can help to relax your mind and body from frantic to peaceful.


Onsite Chair Massage helps improve concentration and cognitive function, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. This convenient therapy improves posture and provides immediate relief from stress and tension. By targeting specific areas like the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands chair massages effectively alleviate muscle tightness and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting and repetitive movement


, promoting relaxation and revitalization.stimulating blood flow, aiding in better circulation and helping to prevent musculoskeletal issues caused by stress or poor posture.

, enhancing overall physical wellbeing.

From AI:

Improve productivity and focus with seated, fully clothed, Onsite Chair Massage in offices and at corporate events. Our fully clothed, seated massage is designed to quickly relieve stress and improve posture, which can help participants feel more engaged and alert. This is a team-building activity that has a great return on investment, promoting a healthy and happy work environment.

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How It Works

Onsite Chair Massages are experienced fully clothed without oils and can be as short as five minutes, making this a convenient and accessible experience even during short breaks. If your participants have more time, onsite chair massage treatments can be adapted to be as long as up to an hour per person.

Our team of experienced Corporate Massage Therapists bring their cushioned and comfortable portable on-site massage chairs to your event space. Your own chairs can be used instead, but if on wheels, the wheels need to be locked.


We can help with setting up an employee subsidy scheme, delivering weekly, monthly or quarterly office massage treatments to a pre-booked schedule, whether you would like a single therapist for your smaller office or a team of multiple therapists for an ad hoc one off larger corporate event. 


Whatever you choose, our professional onsite massage therapists are completely self reliant and self contained. You show them to where they will be based and they will deliver to your pre-arranged brief. Our therapists are fully insured and adapt each treatment to each individual participant's needs to ensure suitability, safety and satisfaction.

Perfect for your upcoming:

Conferences * Awards * Launches * Special Events * Celebrations * Exhibitions * Nightclubs * Bar Mitzvahs * Hen & Stag Nights * Workshops * Team Building * Hospitality * Incentives * Rewards Ceremonies * Promotions * Industry Events * Fayres & Fetes * Retreats * Festivals * Graduations * House Parties * Farewells * Cruises * Anniversaries * Reunions * Summer Lunches * Hen Parties * Birthdays * Family Fun Days * Cocktail Parties * Formal Balls * Dinner Parties * PR Events * Pamper Parties * Christmas Drinks * Offices * Surprises and much more...

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